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3 Reasons Why Your Locksmith Business Needs Print Marketing – B1self

3 Reasons Why Your Locksmith Business Needs Print Marketing – B1self

A lot of ink has been spilled over the matter of print marketing and its use in the modern-day era we live in. The more, the merrier is still a marketing concept that can show excellent results if done right. Bringing together print media with digital marketing to create a campaign with a more powerful impact is something more businesses should look into.

1.The Combo Has Proven Its Success

The mix between mobile advertising methods and the rather traditional print media can be extremely successful due to the fact mobile marketing strategies are not solely intended for remote devices. One can create a smart app that can enable smart device users to take a picture of a barcode and use it to learn more about the product, its discounts, points of sale and so on. The same goes for using print advertisements that can be scanned and further used – with special emphasis on the younger generation interested in everything mobile.

2.You Can Customize Your Services

As the owner of a locksmith company looking to make your business flourish, or as the manager of any other type of a business confronting with fierce competition, you too could make use of this intelligent combo of print media and mobile advertising for your marketing campaign. Your fully bonded and insured nationwide services with free estimates need all the advertising they can get, and what better way to do it than to hand out fliers with barcodes people can immediately scan with their smartphones and be directed to the latest discounts on your site? The guys at 247locksmithservice.com offer just the services we have previously mentioned and they also have some of the most competitive rates on the market. They could easily get their name and reputation out to the public by incorporating print media into their online marketing strategy and the same goes for other similar companies.

3.You Can Reach Specific Demographics And Beyond

Meaning, you can send out your newsletters in the mail or your latest catalogues with the newest brands of locks your locksmith store is selling – and add the barcodes that will smartphone or tablet owners to use their devices to scan the barcodes on them and reach your web site. And the great news is that, as a locksmith, you already have a wide demographic to target – homeowners who need their locks changed or fixed, car owners who need to fix their car’s ignition or unlock their cars, commercial spaces that need special surveillance devices installed. But by tangling the two forms of marketing together, you will be contacted by a younger generation of prospects holding on to their smartphones 24/7.  

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