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When it comes to gaming, which smartphone is best?

When it comes to gaming, which smartphone is best?
TEXT: Mobile technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years allowing us to do more and more on mobile phones and tablets. Ten years ago you could have only dreamed about half of the things that we do on mobile phones instead of computers these days.

No longer are games simple like snake, they are actually designed by teams of people in order to create stories of adventure. Nowadays you can get everything from simple online pokies to full blown RPGs on mobiles. What this does mean though is that anybody who enjoys playing a lot of games on their mobile phone will want to upgrade quite often and so it can be tricky to find out which mobile phone will be best for you.

Currently on the market there are two phones touted as the most powerful and these are the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8. Both of these phones are beautiful to look at while containing a 2.5 GHz quad core CPU that is incredibly powerful and can run any game you throw at it. The screens on both of these phones are top-of-the-line meaning that all the colours in the games that you play will come through perfectly.

The LG G Flex on the other hand is been talked about for a different reason, it may have a 2.2 GHz quad core processor and all the same features as the Samsung and HTC phones however it does have something different. The actual chassis of the phone is designed to bend so when you are on a mobile phone call for a long time the phone were actually bends your face and be more comfortable.

PracTutor Solution for Enrichment

PracTutor is well suited for a talented and above proficient student as much as it is for the students who need extra care and intervention.


PracTutor takes a pretest for each of the common core domains to ensure that each student has a unique learning path based on his/her skill set.


The advanced students will start with challenging core standards and are not required to complete the standards that they are already familiar with. This engages them more and helps them stay motivated.

Each core standard in PracTutor has a critical thinking practice and test to challenge the advanced students with more application-based and concept building questions which are aligned with the PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments.

PracTutor for All 3 Tiers of Response to Intervention (RTI) Framework

Schools use PracTutor for all 3 tiers of Response to Intervention (RTI) framework.

PracTutor identifies at-risk students early and accelerates their learning with instruction and practice that is intensive, balanced, and personalized.
Intervention (RTI) framework

Tier 1 – Core Instructional Interventions

What is required?

All students in Tier 1 receive high-quality, scientifically based instruction, differentiated to meet their needs, and are screened on a periodic basis to identify struggling learners who need additional support.

PracTutor solution

  • Each student is unique. PracTutor provides a pre-test for each domain of the Common Core Curriculum to personalize the learning path for each student based on their skill set.

  • The students learn from videos carefully chosen; each video corresponding to one of their learning styles as per VARK (Video, Audio, Reading and Kinesthetic).

Tier 2 – Targeted Group Interventions

What is required?

In Tier 2, students not making adequate progress in the core curriculum are provided with increasingly intensive instruction matched to their needs on the basis of levels of performance and rates of progress.

PracTutor solution

group the students as per their skills

  • Teachers can group the students as per their skills and can assign core standards to individual groups or the whole class as per the needs of the intervention.

detailed reports

  • The detailed reports help teachers stay on top of how the group is progressing.

Tier 3 – Intensive, Individual Interventions

What is required?

At this level, students receive individualized, intensive interventions that target the students’ skill deficits for the remediation of existing problems and the prevention of more severe problems.

PracTutor solution

pre-requisite standard

  • PracTutor links each common core standard to the pre-requisite standard; this helps introduce missing skills automatically in the student’s personalized learning path.

guided practice

  • The student can learn the missing skills through a set of videos and then have a guided practice (with hints and step by step explanations) to ensure the existing deficiency is resolved.
  • Teachers can identify the struggling students and the standards they are struggling in using the progress report


NCTM recommends a process for creating or selecting an intervention program. PracTutor is the only program that satisfies all the criterias.