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PracTutor The Only Adaptive Learning Platform That Is Aligned With RTI And Offers Test Based On Principals Of PARCC And SBAC

PracTutor solution for RTI intervention

Schools use PracTutor for all three tiers of Response to Intervention (RTI) framework.

PracTutor identifies students at-risk in the initial phase itself and accelerates their learning with instruction and practice that is intensive, balanced, and personalized.

Tier 1 – Core Instructional Interventions

All students in the Tier 1 phase receive high quality and scientifically segregated set of instruction. They are differentiated to meet their needs and are screened on a periodic basis to identify struggling learners who need additional support.

PracTutor takes a pre-test for each of the common core domains to ensure that each student has a unique learning path based on his/her skill set. The students then choose and learn from the educational and entertaining videos. Each video corresponds to one of the learning styles as per VARK (Video, Audio, Reading, and Kinesthetic). Students learn, practice, and take tests for each standard to ensure continuous progress. A student can take up the same lesson again and again with various resources until he receives desired grades. The score and progress records help identify the struggling students.

When teachers monitor students’ progress and get immediate alerts related to the struggling students, they provide instant remediation and help them on the individual basis.

Tier 2 – Targeted Group Interventions

In Tier 2 phase, the students identified as not “making adequate progress in the core curriculum” are provided with progressive intensive instruction that match their needs. As stated earlier these needs are identified based on the individual levels of performance and progress.

PracTutor ensures that the students who are identified as the struggling students in the core curriculum receive sufficient instructions. These instructions are in the form of videos, a step-by-step guide, along with explanations for each concept to ensure they grasp and relate to the basics thoroughly before they proceed ahead.

Teachers can group the students as per their skills and can assign the core standards to individual groups or to the whole class as per the needs of attention and intervention. The detailed reports help the school administrators and teachers to stay on the top of their assignments and progress.

Tier 3 – Intensive And Individual Interventions

In phase 3, students receive individualized, intensive interventions that target the students’ skill deficits for the remediation of the existing problems. This level assists in prevention of more severe and deep-rooted issues.

PracTutor links each common core standards to the previous pre-requisite standard; this helps introduce intensive intervention by inserting the missing skills in the student’s personalized learning path. The student can learn the missing skills through the set of videos and practice (with hints and step-by-step explanations) to ensure the existing problems are resolved before proceeding to the next standard.

NCTM recommends a set of in the process of creating intervention program and PracTutor is the only program that satisfies all the criteria.

PracTutor For Enrichment

PracTutor is equally well suited for talented, proficient, dedicated, or gifted students as it is for the students that lag behind.

PracTutor takes a pre-test for each of the common core domains to ensure that each student has a unique learning path based on his/her skill set. The advanced students start with challenging core standards and are not required to complete the standards that they are already familiar with. This engages them more and helps them stay motivated.
Each core standard in PracTutor has a critical thinking practice and tests to challenge the advanced level students. These tests are application-based and concept building questions that are aligned with the PARCC and the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

PracTutor For Career And College Readiness

With the growing complexity of the world and the increasing demands of the 21st-century workforce, there is little doubt that all students must graduate from high school fully prepared for college AND careers.

PracTutor’s differentiated instructions through videos practice and tests relevant to real world problems help ensure the students are prepared for healthy career options and competitive college.

About PracTutor
PracTutor is a customized learning and practice environment to help students in Grades 1 to 8 master Math and English. We provide 1-to-1 mentoring for each student. We make the learning fun by introducing gamification and help parents and teachers track progress and get alerts whenever they need help.

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I promised to do more digging in the US competitive exams scenario and come up some ideas as to what the exams demand – more Math than English as suggested by plethora of Math teaching websites and very few English training sites or something else.

I did the research from 2 perspectives

  1. Competitive exams for getting into High Schools
  2. Competitive exams for getting into College

Competitive exams for getting into high schools

Most of the private schools either administer their own competitive exams or rely on central exams to test the student for admission to high schools. There are several exams conducted either by the state, group of schools or an independent body.

Some of the most commonly known tests and their formats are listed in the table below.

There are numerous others conducted across private schools in the US.

The format more or less remains the same.

What we observe from these tests is that most exams are more focussed on English than Math. A comparative analysis below shows that

Hence our competitive exams demand that we focus a bit more on Verbal and Reading rather than Math.

What we see is exactly the opposite. There are tons of resources to train us and practice on Math but almost negligible help or resources available for English. The sad part is there are no intentions of coming up with a decent English training/practice program as well.

As far as high school preparation is concerned it is very clear that we need to focus on Math and English equally if not more on English if we want to succeed and get in the best private schools.

This cannot be done in one year or one semester. This has to start early – learning Math and English together and not just focussing on Math need to start as early as Grade 1.

So does trend on exams being heavily focussed on English continue as the student progresses to prepare for undergraduate college? I will explore more of that in the next post.

Student life in UK

Studying in a foreign place is sometimes really amazing, but it’s also kind of hard work. You are alone in a foreign place, you have nobody and you have to face all life situations on your own. Of course, your parents will be always there to think of you and to suggest what to do and how.

Every year many foreign students comes to UK in order to complete their education path and to master a university degree.

Life style for students

The very first thing to do in order to move to UK for studying at the university is to find a place. This can be a private apartment or a single room in a student apartment – which is the cheapest solution for students.

In all cases, you will have to focus on a positive attitude towards your college colleagues. Once there you can meet more students and get friends and this will make your experience in UK sweeter and easier.

However, one of the main problems for students is money. The typical student financial budget is often limited and this is a top reason why so many foreign and local students decide to find a job. a part time job would be the ideal solution, but sometimes it might be hard and time consuming.

When job doesn’t come…

Sometimes, job seeking is just a painful work… you can’t find anything interesting in your place and you can’t afford to go too far for a part time job, because you don’t have so much time to spend for that.

If you feel this is your situation, that just know that you aren’t the only one. In fact, today more students tend to give up seeking a job and try to beat a winning with casino games.

Casino games look more accessible, easy, at a reach and students don’t have much time to lose.

New from Ladbrokes: Ace Kingdom

In the UK the most recommended and top quality casino is Ace Kingdom, which is a gambling product by Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes is the first and most important gambling company in the world, it’s synonymous to safe games, fair games and quality service.

Students can access this Ace Kingdom site from their computer and iPhone. In fact, today the most advanced technologies allow most casinos to offer a casino version for iPhone and small devices.

Game range and categories

As you can see, Ace Kingdom features a really amazing range of games. Most games are in the category of slot games and table games. In fact, these two categories are the most common and popular all over the world.

The reason of such a great success are to be found in the fact that slot games are the top easiest type of game in the world, while table games include card games, that are among the most complicated games.

This means that gamblers at Ace Kingdom can find their perfect game according to their expertise level: from beginners to pro gamblers.