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Two days to Father’s Day– Recharge your batteries, Now!

Build up your reservoir of love

Two more days, and it will be Father’s day.

Here you are –your three-month-old baby is now a smart seven-year-old boy, and the charming nine-year-old girl has grown into a very fine thirteen-year-old daughter. This Sunday, both, would be at your bedroom door, one with the breakfast, and the other, with a baseball bat.

Father’s day is the day kids express their love for their father. [Yes, even if it means lighting up the kitchen.]

It’s a delicate affair – Father’s day – your kids would want to spend the whole day with you. It’s important for them- to show the love they hold for you. You, one the other hand, the survivor of a week-long battle at work, are exhausted, tired and drained. I know, it isn’t easy; leaving your bed on Sunday is a Herculean task. Unfortunately, the day after tomorrow is no ordinary Sunday. This is the day, your kids get to tell you that you are the best father in the world. So, laziness, on your part, is not an option.

My suggestion is, you still have two days- start recharging your batteries.

Recharge your batteries, Now!

Build it up, I say – that reservoir of love, fill it with as much love as your heart can hold. Start recharging your inner batteries, now. You are an awesome father; and this Sunday, your kids will pay you back.

Of course, there are risks – it may not be a perfect start – a burnt omelet, a kitchen-on-fire, and a battle with the fire-extinguisher; the dangers are infinite.

Throw your golf clubs into the closet. Your plans do not matter, what matters are the plans your kids have made for you – Breakfast, baseball, tool time, a movie, a special dinner – it could be anything. Just go along with them.

What matters most is that you reciprocate their acts of affection. Show your care. This Father’s day, be with your kids. Until the time they return to bed– be with them!  It doesn’t even matter how many minutes you spend together; focus on making them feel loved.

Father’s day is a really special occasion; it’s the day children try to behave like adults. And for that special effort, they deserve a special treatment. So, this Sunday, make the most of the time that you spend with your kids. They may not remember everything that you do together, but they will remember, forever, how you made them feel.

You are a wonderful father, and have been doing everything a father could possibly do. Even so, it’s important that you spend the Father’s day with your kids. They need your time, and you better have it! Two days to go – Recharge your batteries, now.


E –learning: government policy feeds the online education

Probably, you have noticed that recently the concept of education has been changing and one of the main changes can be seen in the form of education contents and tools.

Face-to-face learning is still the basic form of education, namely school and academy education, but more teachers are driven by government policy towards the e-learning tools.

This can be seen in the US, but also in other Countries, like Korea, China, Australia and Sweden.

What advantages in the e-learning?

Conventionally, we all got a land based education, we attended school classes and could experience a direct contact to our teachers and classmates. The latest government policy spins educators to use more online tools and to get more confident with the internet platforms and software for education purposes.   Student learning online

In fact, we can see that there are many education websites in the internet. University courses often offer a web page where students can get homework and other important information from home.

More and more university students sign up for online classes and do exams from home.

The concept of education s going virtual and remote. This means that students don’t have to waste precious time traveling from home to the university campus in order to attend classes. They can access online and sometimes free learning tools (eBooks…) directly from home, saving both time and money.

Online education is the ultimate frontiers for learning easily and more effectively. Tutors and educators are often available in the web through a web cam: there are many websites where you can get a personal tutor for a low cost price.

From e-learning to the job market

Now, you will possibly wondering what consequences the e-learning education can have on the job seeking… Well, if the education is going virtual, just know that even many jobs are going virtual!

So, for students who gained their diplomas or higher education degrees online it will be easier to access and get confident with the online jobs: web masters, web developers, IT analysts, copywriters, and many more professional profiles are linked to the web.

Students in the South Africa already discovered the importance and advantages of learning online. For them, finding a better job in the web is much easier than for the previous generations.

Job hunting: where to start from

After gaining your degree, you can focus on your first job seeking experience. Make sure you prepared a good and interesting CV and get started with your hunting.

You can sign up at Zigo Jobs South Africa. This online platform represents one of the most effective and safest tool for all those who are looking for a job and for all recruiters who need to hire new employees.

Job seekers can join Zigo at no costs, while recruiters can choose one of the following profiles: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

With Zigo you can easily find a job in the field you selected and in the area you prefer, thanks to the advanced research tools and database of this platform.

Why teachers need to implement Online learning for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

We all know that in a traditional classroom, it is the teachers who control the students and provide them with study materials when required. Gone are those days, today online teaching and learning plays a vital role where students and teachers both participate equally to obtain an enhanced learning experience.

There are many learning institutes coming up, offering different styles and methods of teaching, but we have to be very alert before choosing the best one for our child. PracTutor is one of the education programs, which provides K12 students with an adaptive platform of learning and mastering subjects like Math and English. Some important key features stated below should to be implemented in order modify the methodology of teaching to a more technological and customized online learning.

1) Student Presentation

It has been observed lately that, K-12 classrooms which have executed web-based learning, have observed drastic changes in the performance of students. Together with this, tests are conducted, in order to analyze their understanding abilities. On the basis of these collective results, the teaching style or course can be emphasized to enable the students grasp well. Online learning can play a major role in the overall development of a child.

2) Student Engagement and Achievements

Online learning inspires student’s engagement to a greater extent than ever before. The reason is because students really get a chance to come up with their difficulties to their faculty in real time without long waiting for hours. Also another benefit of online learning is most of the teachers and lecturers have organized online forums and communities to permit their students to join in. Under this forum, every student gets a chance to discuss, resolve their query and also share their learning materials and coursework with other students. In addition to this, teachers are available 24×7 to revert to their queries and clarify their doubts pertaining to a lesson or assessment work.

3) Features for Teachers

With the introduction of customized learning technology in the educational sector, we find changes in the role of teachers as compared to a traditional classroom where, teachers use to play a typical role speaking on a topic, then asking questions to students about the concept, and eventually assigning homework to them for the next day. However, implementing this online customized methodology of learning has brought in a paradigm shift from conventional teacher-based knowledge to meet the educational demands of the learners. Nowadays we find that teachers pressurize students and give more stress on the customization of content to meet the needs of individual students.

Practutor advices you think about Your Needs. Then, Consider Our customized learning Programs.

With PracTutor, we strongly believe student will reach “xPotential”, in other words their innate, personal possibility; therefore it is essential with the growing necessity to change the methodology of learning and teaching in order to guide schools and districts to face the challenges of student success, shortage of resources, and the expectations of 21st century learners.

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