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Two days to Father’s Day– Recharge your batteries, Now!

Build up your reservoir of love

Two more days, and it will be Father’s day.

Here you are –your three-month-old baby is now a smart seven-year-old boy, and the charming nine-year-old girl has grown into a very fine thirteen-year-old daughter. This Sunday, both, would be at your bedroom door, one with the breakfast, and the other, with a baseball bat.

Father’s day is the day kids express their love for their father. [Yes, even if it means lighting up the kitchen.]

It’s a delicate affair – Father’s day – your kids would want to spend the whole day with you. It’s important for them- to show the love they hold for you. You, one the other hand, the survivor of a week-long battle at work, are exhausted, tired and drained. I know, it isn’t easy; leaving your bed on Sunday is a Herculean task. Unfortunately, the day after tomorrow is no ordinary Sunday. This is the day, your kids get to tell you that you are the best father in the world. So, laziness, on your part, is not an option.

My suggestion is, you still have two days- start recharging your batteries.

Recharge your batteries, Now!

Build it up, I say – that reservoir of love, fill it with as much love as your heart can hold. Start recharging your inner batteries, now. You are an awesome father; and this Sunday, your kids will pay you back.

Of course, there are risks – it may not be a perfect start – a burnt omelet, a kitchen-on-fire, and a battle with the fire-extinguisher; the dangers are infinite.

Throw your golf clubs into the closet. Your plans do not matter, what matters are the plans your kids have made for you – Breakfast, baseball, tool time, a movie, a special dinner – it could be anything. Just go along with them.

What matters most is that you reciprocate their acts of affection. Show your care. This Father’s day, be with your kids. Until the time they return to bed– be with them!  It doesn’t even matter how many minutes you spend together; focus on making them feel loved.

Father’s day is a really special occasion; it’s the day children try to behave like adults. And for that special effort, they deserve a special treatment. So, this Sunday, make the most of the time that you spend with your kids. They may not remember everything that you do together, but they will remember, forever, how you made them feel.

You are a wonderful father, and have been doing everything a father could possibly do. Even so, it’s important that you spend the Father’s day with your kids. They need your time, and you better have it! Two days to go – Recharge your batteries, now.


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Hardik Parikh is the Co-founder of PracTutor. PracTutor is a personalized fun way to master Common Core Math and English. All kids – whether they need intervention, accelerated learning or career and college readiness – can achieve their goals within PracTutor.