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Back to school – implementing common core


A lot has been said about Common Core Curriculum in the past 2-3 years.

How it helps the greater good -This article from NY times and NEA today-



how it is not worth it at all –this article from Washington post and Fox news- http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/eight-problems-with-common-core-standards/2012/08/21/821b300a-e4e7-11e1-8f62-58260e3940a0_blog.html


To Myths vs Facts – http://www.corestandards.org/resources/myths-vs-facts

What we know for fact is that

  1. Common core is here to stay.
  2. 45 states have adopted it and there was no federal say in it.
  3. It was all community driven – parents, teachers, community leaders, school administrators all worked on standards, pitched in and created them
  4. It defines what is expected of each child of each state at each grade level

Now, when we keep debating if they are good or not, in my opinion we are arguing if our educators are any good or not. Not the government, the educators -Since these standards were created by them. And we can never be in a good shape if we question our educators and now show faith in them, so let’s support them and work on a path to ensure that the core standards are well implemented and help our kids and nation grow.

Now, coming to the second part – what needs to be done to implement core standards. So every educator including a company like ours has varied opinions on that. Let me present PracTutor’s opinion. We need to ensure 3 things while thinking of implementing any standard, any policy.

  1. Is it going to be fun, easy and motivating for the kids (who actually will be doing all the work)
  2. Is it going to be easy for the teachers to know what they need to do – across 45 states?
  3. Is it going to be satisfactory for the parents who are apprehensive about all the changes?

So at PracTutor we did a lot of brainstorming bringing in educators, technologists, consultants, leaders, parents and of course kids. To ensure all the above 3 things are well implemented we did the following 3 things.

  1. Made learning and practicing/testing fun with rewards, exciting environment
  2. Made everything aligned to core standards with flexibility to make changes so the teachers are comfortable knowing what is expected of each standard and how can they bring in their creativity
  3. Keep parents connected with students and teachers to know how the students are performing and what the teacher is implementing

This makes all 3 involved parties very content.

To ensure this works, we give it for FREE to most school districts/teachers so they are prepared when common core hits them.

This is our opinion, we may be wrong, but we are willing to do the hard work with the right people and ensure we make it right and I guess that is what the US education system needs right now.

E –learning: government policy feeds the online education

Probably, you have noticed that recently the concept of education has been changing and one of the main changes can be seen in the form of education contents and tools.

Face-to-face learning is still the basic form of education, namely school and academy education, but more teachers are driven by government policy towards the e-learning tools.

This can be seen in the US, but also in other Countries, like Korea, China, Australia and Sweden.

What advantages in the e-learning?

Conventionally, we all got a land based education, we attended school classes and could experience a direct contact to our teachers and classmates. The latest government policy spins educators to use more online tools and to get more confident with the internet platforms and software for education purposes.   Student learning online

In fact, we can see that there are many education websites in the internet. University courses often offer a web page where students can get homework and other important information from home.

More and more university students sign up for online classes and do exams from home.

The concept of education s going virtual and remote. This means that students don’t have to waste precious time traveling from home to the university campus in order to attend classes. They can access online and sometimes free learning tools (eBooks…) directly from home, saving both time and money.

Online education is the ultimate frontiers for learning easily and more effectively. Tutors and educators are often available in the web through a web cam: there are many websites where you can get a personal tutor for a low cost price.

From e-learning to the job market

Now, you will possibly wondering what consequences the e-learning education can have on the job seeking… Well, if the education is going virtual, just know that even many jobs are going virtual!

So, for students who gained their diplomas or higher education degrees online it will be easier to access and get confident with the online jobs: web masters, web developers, IT analysts, copywriters, and many more professional profiles are linked to the web.

Students in the South Africa already discovered the importance and advantages of learning online. For them, finding a better job in the web is much easier than for the previous generations.

Job hunting: where to start from

After gaining your degree, you can focus on your first job seeking experience. Make sure you prepared a good and interesting CV and get started with your hunting.

You can sign up at Zigo Jobs South Africa. This online platform represents one of the most effective and safest tool for all those who are looking for a job and for all recruiters who need to hire new employees.

Job seekers can join Zigo at no costs, while recruiters can choose one of the following profiles: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

With Zigo you can easily find a job in the field you selected and in the area you prefer, thanks to the advanced research tools and database of this platform.

Android and Apple Apps to Help You Study

Android and Apple Apps to Help You Study

The great thing about technological advancement in this day and age is that it has the solution to always every problem mankind can come up with. If you’re a student and you need help with your studies, the app market’s got help for you. There are literally hundreds and thousands of apps out there and from amongst them, hardik.practutor.com has selected a few that you, as a student, can use to make your life easier.

BenchPrep (iOs)

This Apple only app is like a virtual library with a huge collection of textbooks. If you’re sitting for the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT or any other exam of the sort, this is your go-to app. It has study material for all these professional exams and you can find almost anything you can think to look for. It’s a great app for when you’re running out of time and can’t find the books you’re looking for.

Speed Reading Trainer (Android)

Speed reading can be a very useful trick to have when you don’t have the time to pore over every word in every textbook in your curriculum. It’s basically the art of going through text very fast without skipping ninety percent of the details you’re supposed to retain. This app will help you hone this skill with trial texts and careful breakdown of your progress.

Dragon Dictation (iOs)

This app takes dictations using advanced voice recognition software and makes notes and writes essays by listening to what you’re saying. You can save a lot of energy by not having to type or write down the things that you can simply say aloud to this app. This app does its work accurately and swiftly, and will save you a lot of hassle from writing down every little thing that you might need to remember.

SelfControl (Android and iOs)

This app is great for avoiding distractions when you’re studying. It will block certain websites for a fixed amount of time once you enter the command and unless that time expires, you will not be able to access those apps no matter the circumstances.

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