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Various pedagogies of teaching

smartboardAs per Wikipedia pedagogy is the holistic science of education. Through theories and practices it aims to support the full development of human being. It may be implemented in practice as a personal and holistic approach of socializing and upbringing children and young people.

In simple words for me Pedagogy is the art (and science) of teaching.

When a teacher, parent or anyone starts teaching they bring in their own style, their own culture, background and history into it. I remember one of my teachers used to always teach giving examples from her childhood heroes and try to explain everything based on that and another teacher would come in the class and without explaining the concept would start solving problems on the blackboard, sometimes with both hands (Yes, he could write with both left and right hand).

A few students understood from direct connection and a few others from examples. I guess I learnt most topics relating to real life. But everyone has a different approach of teaching and a different approach to learning, most of the time it is the combination of these approaches that work best.

Some of the most known pedagogies are

  • Learning using real world examples
  • Learning through discovery/observation
  • Theoretical learning and relating that to real world
  • Learning through class engagement (group activities)
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Computer based learning

There may be several others but these are the most common seen and adopted. Most independent studies reveal that one child cannot learn and understand everything through one pedagogy; although this is true I believe any child can be categorized into a group of 2-3 pedagogies and said that she can learn using these 2-3 methods. However as a parent and a teacher this means deep involvement, constant engagement and true understanding of the child’s behaviour and pattern to know how she will learn the best.

A set of students do not understand what is written in books and how that relates to quizzes, however they may be great with hands-on and lab activates. Albert Einstein was one such person. He was never a theoretical person but even at a tender age of 10 when he was given a pocket compass by his father he started thinking what is making this needle move. This curiosity led him to build several models and mechanical devices. You would also find people who excel in theoretical studies and publish amazing papers. It can be generalized to some extent that a student who learns/excels using 1-2 pedagogy may learn other subjects using the same set of pedagogies, it is upto the parents and teachers to identify through careful observations what pedagogies best suits their children.


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