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Conceptual strategies to change the way students express learning.

Increasing student confidence and being a motivator is a core and a vital part in being an honest teacher. The high of teaching is the amount of respect you get from your students. It is each teachers dream to see his student be a great achiever.  The aim of this article is to explore new method for students to learn better. Effective learning ensures dialogue and communication and must constantly flow between teacher-student paradigms.

Advances in each scientific discipline and knowledge technology have the potential to remodel education and coaching in ways that was previously impossible. If students aren’t encouraged to be told then they’re possibly not concerned within the lesson and if they’re not concerned within the lesson they’re rather more likely to cause management issues within the class rooms.

Therefore, it’s essential for academics to extend student motivation to be told and also the best method to change the way our students express learning so as to spark student interest at the initial stage of each lesson.

Below given are methods for motivating students to change their learning strategies:

1. Use essential thinking queries; the good factor regarding using these varieties of queries is that they do not essentially have a right or wrong answer thereby inspiring students to express their own opinions.

2. Use music to show ~ Music is one in all the foremost underrated learning tools and could be a good way to spark student interest. As an example, once teaching a lesson on the traffic a teacher of mine introduced the subject by enjoying the Marley songs “Buffalo Soldier” and “Catch a Fire”. It has till date stuck with me.

3. Use video ~ Video is one of the most misunderstood teaching tools and is commonly abused. However, if used properly video may be an excellent tool to increase student. The secret is to use short clips from movies and documentaries at the starting of lessons instead. Hollywood movies form great example for this, however you’ll use documentaries, famous speeches and entertainment to show a style of literature.

4. Associate what students learn compared to what’s occurring within the “real world”. This can clearly accomplish some subjects than others, however it may be done. Students ought to grasp “why” they’re learning one thing.

5. Associate what students learn to what is vital to them. The trick here is to urge to your students to grasp and encourage them to study more and more topics of their own interest.

6. Use technology, not just for the sake being modern but realize and apply it to save time and increase efficiency. Do measure application of technology at regular intervals. The periodic assessment will help you ensure that it actually does solve your purpose or the amount of revision required for better output.

7. Educators should specialize in new competencies and should be constantly researching as well as testing their research in practical markets. Changes at such huge magnitude need accepted wisdom of education both in terms of the syllabus as well as within the development of pedagogies.

The constant researches will insure that each student acquires the high level of skills required to thrive within the dynamic world of the twenty first century.

8. Technological fluency needs to be a basic ability. As assured user of technology, we must be able to use computers and internet to derive information and as we use to from a library at our schools. Technology is setting new records each day and is progressing and penetrating deep in even third world countries. To get our students to be techno-savvy is one of our greatest achievements as well as a constant challenge at Education Avenue.

9. Education should prepare students not just for jobs but for real excellence. If our challenges are restricted to getting ready folks for the styles of jobs accessible these days, we’d still have plenty of labor to try to. Honestly our challenge as an educator is far more bigger and it is our genuine duty to ensure that our students actually adapt to the challenge of changing times.

What to teach? So many options

Alrite, so we are going to help students learn, practice and understand Math and English as it should be. Pay equal focus on both Math and English and not be biased towards Math. Have everything in a gaming environment to engage them. Got it.  Now what.

Well, I had sleepless nights the past few weeks figuring out what should be the benchmark to teach Math and English. 50 states – 50 different curriculums – 50 ways of teaching. What is the best way to teach? What should be PracTutor’s curriculum? It definitely cannot be the 51st way of teaching or 51st different curriculum because if we do so considering that we are the champions and everyone should follow our curriculum just like others – in this battle the students eventually lose. They would feel disconnected and lost of what may be taught in the school and what they learn from us.

Then I came across something what is called as Common Core Standards – a very simple mission to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them – across the US. And how many states adopted it – 45 states and 3 territories. Wow. That’s a game changer right there. Imagine a country having same format and same structure to follow to teach all its children. And what standards does Common Core cater to – Math and English. There could not be a better match.


So I started digging in more from there and started going to all individual state’s education board sites – CA, NY, TX, IN, KY, MA – almost all of them. Yes, most of them had adopted the standards and wanted to transition in 2-3 years time. But there was a twist. There is always a twist. Some of these bigger states had changed certain standards or added more as per their views. Hmm. So I started listing down the changes, the actual standards and comparing them with these variations. I did this for all the major states. The only real changes were seen in the states of CA and NY. Now, Why doesn’t that amaze me.

Texas was the major state that hadn’t adopted Core Standards (only 1 of the 5 states who didn’t adopt core standards for whatever reasons) so I had to go in great detail and compare Texas education and Common core standards. Although there wasn’t a huge difference Texas did have Statistics and Probability introduced earlier than Core Standards but everything else more or less was the same.

I must pause here and tell how impressive core standards are. They have very neatly divided each grade into topics that need to be taught, what college readiness skills are to be taught and what sub-topics to be taught in those topics and its details. Very logically laid out as it should be and the best part – they are all created by the educators from schools across the country. The teachers who actually teach in the classroom and know what the students need. English standard had defined the books to refer and the classroom lessons as well. Impressive and an excellent starting point for us.

So coming back to other states – CA, NY and TX were the only states who had major variations from the core standards. We just added those variations to our curriculum to give students the opportunity to see what is different that is taught in CA, NY and TX.

So now we have the curriculum to start from. NC state board gave unpacking tools to even understand those standards in greater depth. A very effective document.


So we put in a team of teachers in Math and ELA from elementary, middle and high school and started putting the content and other pieces together. How to get unlimited questions in Math and ELA with increasing level of difficulty so that the student always has a different question which challenges him was a software challenge to be solved another day. But as of now I could sleep for the next 6 hours since we had the right curriculum to follow.